Why always wait for the customer to reach you? Hoplett lets you take the stores right to your customer and makes it accessible 24/7.

Achieve more with Hoplett

BOPIS is a perfect way for retailers to marry the best of both the online and in-store experiences to engage with customers.

Cost cutting

Save shipping fees, while also expediting last mile fulfillment. Because shoppers are able to check size, color, quality, and correctness of products at the point of pick-up, returns are minimized. 

Upsell opportunity

Drive shoppers into physical stores. Increased foot traffic leads to more in-store transactions and provides tremendous opportunity to cross-sell, upsell, and motivate impulse purchases.

Speed & Convenience

Create a seamless digital to physical shopping experience: shoppers peruse store inventory from the comfort of their home, purchase items online, and collect items from an accessible location at a time that is convenient for them.

Lock it up

 During the busy back to school season, it’s crucial that retailers capitalize on the increased traffic by providing shoppers with a seamless and pleasant transaction process. 


1. Customer reserves

Store gets a notification when a customer orders a product on the app.

2. Dedicated staff members prepare for the order. ​

Store staff picks up the product from shelf, packs item and keeps it aside. 

3. Store confirms the order alerts the customer

Store sends a confirmation email to the customer using the app and guide them to pick up product in store.

4. Customer picks up the product at store

Customer travel to the store and pickup the items at their designated timing.

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